KS-2 Tangenvika Railway Bridge

From Espa the line crosses the Tangenvika bay over Tangenvika Railway Bridge (1070 meters), which will be the longest railway bridge built in Norway. The bridge, which connects Espa and the Tangenvika bay, will be a tensioned box bridge in concrete.

In the midpoint of Tangenvika, the water has a depth of up to ca. 50 meters with a layer of soils/subsoils over the bedrock that is up to ca. 40 meters deep, all decreasing towards land on both sides. There are significant water level variations in the lake Mjøsa.

Space is limited in the area around Espa, which will require that most of the bridge is built from the northern side of the Tangenvika bay.

Included in KS-2 is the open-air zone North of the bridge; Furnesodden and part of the open-air zone at Espa in the South. Rigging areas will be established, including quays, on the eastern side of the Tangenvika Railway Bridge. West of the track has been designated as a landfill area for deposition of soil/subsoil. The line continues under a wildlife passage and into a deep cutting with high rock walls on both sides.

Tracks and other railway engineering installations are not included in KS-2. The contract will be carried out as an EPC-contract with a Bane NOR altered NTK 15 as contract basis.