KS-1 The Hestnes Tunnel

The tunnel will be a blasted single pipe, double track tunnel. It will be approx. 3,1- kilometre long measured from the Kleverud face to the Espa face with cross tunnels for each 1000 meters (respectively length approx. 340 and 610 meters).

The cross tunnels will act as evacuation tunnels once the tunnel is in use. The tunnel will be driven from Kleverud to the south and from the southern cross tunnel. At Espa the line crosses the existing track, Labbelva stream and the local road fv.229, which must be lowered to give enough clearance under the Tangenvika Railway Bridge, all in a distance of 230 meters.

  • The tunnel must be fitted with niches and space for technical equipment and the tunnel must have the correct profile to ensure line of sight to signals.

  • Rock support in the tunnel will be based on rock mass classification according to the Q-system.

  • Laser scanning of tunnel profiles will be required.

  • Requirements for water- and frost protection.

  • Included in KS-1 is the open-air zone South of the Kleverud face (1 km) and part of the open-air zone at Espa to the north (230 meters).

  • Tracks and other railway engineering installations are not included in KS-1.

  • The contract will be carried out as an EPC-contract with a Bane NOR altered NTK 15 as contract basis.