BIM in Bane NOR

BIM is a focus area in Bane NOR and is already used in all our large projects, as well as several smaller renewal projects.

BIM enables us to coordinate all technical disciplines as well as streamlining planning and design projects with even better communication, quality and optimal solutions in design and construction.

Bane NOR approved its first BIM strategy in June 2017. This strategy clearly states that BIM is to be used for all planning, design and construction for our railway projects. BIM shall also be used for as-built documentation and is prioritized over traditional drawings. 

During a project the BIM model must be accessible for everyone involved in the project and is used for discipline conflict control, quantities, project progress as well as cost and machine control.

Our main focus now is standardizing our requirements for model information and defining the use of BIM for technical documentation and maintenance. There are several interesting and exciting BIM projects in progress, and one of those is project KIM (requirement for information modelling – Norwegian language only) in the common road and railway project Ringeriksbanen and E16. This project is now continued as an internal innovation project to become general information requirements for all our railway projects.

Our general requirements for BIM is found here (Norwegian language only).

Bane NOR is engaged in international standardization with the development of IFC-Rail. We are also actively participating in both national and Nordic cooperation between public owners in infrastructure.