About the project

From Kleverud to Sørli in Stange municipality, a new double track, new Tangen station and Norway's longest railway bridge will be built.

The new double track from Kleverud to Sørli is 15.8 kilometers long. This includes a three kilometer long railway tunnel and the longest railway bridge that has so far been built in Norway.

The route for the double track stretch between Kleverud and Sørli was chosen in 2009 when the municipal sub-plan was finally established.

Regulation plan for the three-kilometer long Hestnes tunnel between Kleverud and Espa in the south end was adopted in November 2010, while the work on the regulation plan for the rest of the stretch started in 2015.

In the spring of 2016, the regulation plan from Espa to Sørli was submitted for public inspection, and on 22 June 2016 the plan was approved by the municipal council in Stange. Preparatory work is about to begin and the construction work is scheduled to start in 2021.

The bridge will with its 1070 meters bind Espa and Tangenhalvøya together. North of today's Tangen station, a completely new station area will be built, with side platforms for northbound and southbound trains and with passing tracks in the middle.