UIC Sustainability award

The Follo Line is currently the largest transport project in Norway and it's the first transport project with an environmental budget.

The Norwegian National Rail Administration is the first organisation in Norway to formulate a green budget governing the choice of materials and solutions in major transport projects. The environmental assessment of the Follo Line project outlines the potential environmental impact of construction, operation, maintenance and disposal from the Follo Line’s infrastructure from a life cycle perspective.

Our objective are:
Main objective
"The project will be planned with input factors - materials and energy – which after a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impacts, safety and quality, ensures the lowest possible environmental impacts throughout the entire project lifecycle. The project's environmental impacts (including climate change) are documented in a Life Cycle Assessment environmental report".
Result objective I
"The Life Cycle Assessment of planned railway infrastructure projects helps to identify, assess and communicate the potential for reduced environmental impacts from the projects input factors (materials and energy) and solutions in a life cycle perspective."
Result objective II
"The Life Cycle Assessment provides a basis for ranking and prioritizing environmental interventions in all planning phases."
Result objective III
“The Life Cycle Assessment should provide the basis for the projected life cycle climate impacts for the planned project, and the accounted life cycle climate impacts for the constructed project."

The Follo Line is now taking part in the UIC Sustainability award. Below you will find a list of documents concerning our participation.