The 14.2-kilometre double-track railway will be opened in november/december 2016. The tunnel section is 12.3 km long and Holmestrand station will be inside a rock cavern. A mountain lift will carry passengers from the top of the mountain and down to the station.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn fem år.

 Holm-Nykirke passes the town of Holmestrand in Southern Norway.
When a new, double-track railway line was to be constructed along this section, it was a wish from the Ministry of Transport and Communications that it should be designed for speeds of up to 250 kilometres an hour. A double-track tunnel through the mountain will allow for such high speeds. Since the speed is curvature-dependent, it was also necessary to move the station into the mountain.

Work on a zoning plan started in autumn 2007. Construction start was scheduled for the turn of the year 2010/2011, but construction was already in progress in summer 2010.

Facts about Holm – Nykirke
•Length: 14.2 km, of which 12.3 km in tunnel
•Cost: NOK 6.3 billion (2015 NOK)
•Two station entrances (three, if the lift is included)
•13 evacuation tunnels, including the station entrances
•Double-track tunnel: 133 m2 blasted tunnel cross-section.
•Rock cavern: 500 m2 blasted tunnel cross section (up to 600 m2 incl. underpasses/technical spaces)
•The rock cavern will be 870 m long, 35 m wide and 18 m high
•The completed station hall will be 30 m wide
•Approx. 12 m from railhead to ceiling
•Length of platforms: 250 m
•26 level crossings will be closed down
•Increased capacity
•Travel time reduced by five minutes
•Construction work started in summer 2010
•Scheduled to be opened in november/december 2016.

Facts about the lift
•Almost 90% of Holmestrand's inhabitants live up on the mountain
•70 m from top to bottom
•Two lifts
•30 seconds' travel time by lift

The project is divided into five main contracts relating to the substructure:
•Holm: 1.9 km tunnel, 1.6 km open-air zone. Skanska has been awarded the NOK 392 million contract.
•Sjøskogen: 4 km tunnel. Leonhard Nilsen & sønner has been awarded the NOK 609 million contract.
•Fibo: 1.9 km tunnel. Skanska has been awarded the NOK 404 million contract.
•The station: 2.4 km tunnel. Skanska has been awarded the NOK 982 million contract.
•Snekkestad: 2.1 km tunnel, 0.3 km open-air zone. Marti/IAV has been awarded the NOK 414 million contract.

In addition, contracts will be awarded for interior works at the station and in the public transport terminal, and for railway-technical installations.

Communications Advisor
Anne Mette Storvik
Mail: stoann@jbv.no
Mobile: +47 911 92 112