Learning portal: Help

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Welcome to information about using the Learning portal.

Before contacting support you should check if you can get the information you need in the list below.

Recommended browser is Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Click the category for more information.

We recommend using a PC with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome when accessing Bane NORs learning portal.

Employees of Bane NOR / Internal users:
Employees of Bane NOR shall not register their own user.
A user is created automatically, and this is the one to be used.
Log in automatically using the automatic Bane NOR login-button (3) if asked to log in.

External users outside Bane NOR:
The first time you use Bane NOR's Learning Portal you must register a new user.
Select "Register" (2) and follow the instructions there. You will receive an email where you create a password for your account.

After setting your password you can log in by selecting "Login" (1).
If you forget your password, select "Forgot password?" under "Login".

You will find the courses that are available in the learning portal by selecting Course catalog in the top menu.

Search or browse for the course you are looking for and start it by pressing the blue play button: 

The courses in the learning portal are opened in a new window when you start them. In order for this to happen, pop-ups must be allowed for the learning portal. There are different methods depending on which browser you are using. Find your browser in the list below to see how to allow pop-ups for Bane NORs learning portal.

 Internet Explorer:
You will get a message at the bottom of the browser asking if you want to allow popup windows from the Learning Portal. Select Options for this site and Always allow . Reload the page to see the changes. 


 Google Chrome:
You will see an icon in the address bar at the top right. Tap this icon and select Always allow pop-ups from .... and tap Done. Reload the page to see the changes.


 Safari (på iPad/iPhone):
To allow popups in Safari on iPad, go to settings on your device. Select Safari from the list on the left, and find the Block Pop-ups setting on the right. Turn this setting off. You can now start a course in the Learning Portal. 


Safari (på macbook/laptop):
To allow popups in Safari on a macbook or laptop, you need to enter the settings in Safari. Then go to the Security tab and turn off Block pop-up windows


Once you have completed and passed a course you can download the course certificate or send it to your email.

Go to My Page in the top menu of the learning portal. To the far left, press the course certificate button: 

You now get a list of all your completed courses.

Click the email icon  to have it sent to your registered email, or click the course certificate icon  to download a copy to your computer in .pdf format.

When you register a new user or request a new password, an email will be sent to your registered email address.

If the email address is correct but you do not receive the email, you may want to check the "Spam" folder. Some companies have stricter email filters than others, and can block the email before it reaches you.

Contact your companys support if this is the case.

If you dont find what you're looking for in the list above, please send us an email at e-laring@banenor.no describing your issue.