• Network Statement

    This is the Norwegian National Rail Administration’s product description, in which we describe the services we provide, where they are provided and how you, as a customer, shall proceed in order to gain access to them. .

  • Bane Energi

    Bane Energi was set up as a separate profit centre within Jernbaneverket in 1996, creating a dedicated unit combining all the energy supply infrastructure and resources serving Norway’s railway network. Bane Energi supplies electricity to the entire Norwegian electrified rail system.

  • Procurement

    The Norwegian National Rail Administration is purchasing a total of about 13 billion NOK or about 1,5 billion Euros. The major part is spent on construction work.

  • Model of the Norwegian national rail network

    The digital model of the Norwegian national rail network is available for download. Included in the infrastructure is an operational representation of elements that form a route.